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Linkin Park - What ive done

by oky , at 05.37
INTRO RIFF: (played on piano) (my arangement for guitar) e---10---10-11-10---10-| B-8----8----------8----| G----------------------...

Guns N Roses - November rain

by oky , at 05.23
F   Dm When I look into your eyes C I can see a love restrained F   Dm But darling when I hold you C Don't you know I feel the same Dm  ...

Green Day - 21 guns acoustic

by oky , at 05.18
Intro: E|--------0-----|(x2) B|--1--------0--| G|-----2--------| D|--------------| A|--------------| E|--------------| Verse: ...

Creed - One last breath

by oky , at 05.10
No Capo required. D A E Please come now, I think I'm falling G D I'm holding on to all I think is safe A E I seem to have...

Coldplay - Fix you

by oky , at 05.03
Intro Eb,Cm,Eb/Bb x2 Verse 1: Eb Gm Cm7 Eb/Bb When you try your best, but you don't succeed Eb Gm Cm7 Eb/Bb When you get what yo...

Bruno Mars - Billionaire

by oky , at 04.51
A C#7 I wanna be a billionaire so freaking bad F#m E buy all of the things I never had A C#7 I wanna be on the cover of Forbes Mag...

Adele - All i ask

by oky , at 05.59
Intro - D F#m G A A7 D F#m I will leave my heart at the door G I won't say a word A A7 They've all been said before you know ...

Bob Marley - No Woman No Cry

by oky , at 08.07
d=down u=up G   C   G/B   Am7   F   C   F   C   G C   G/B   Am   F No woman, no cry. C   F   C   G No woman, no cry. C   G/B   Am   F No wom...
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