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D-side - Crazy World Of Love

by Unknown , at 23.09
We talk every day We don't say What's going through our minds It's just away of passing time I wanna believe I'm al...

Dido - Coming Home

by Unknown , at 23.09
e feels her smile when he's afraid, it reminds him of his life before she went away He might crumble, but he'll not fall, if the ...

Damian Michael - Was It Nothing At All

by Unknown , at 23.08
Driving in the car With the wind run through your hair I reach for you now But you're not there It was perfect time A perfect...

Daniel Bedingfield - Every Little Thing

by Unknown , at 23.08
Everything must change There's a mirror showing me the ugly truth I'm living in the changing times But I got nothing to give, jus...

Disturbed - Believe

by Unknown , at 23.07
Believe, when you lie You will never need to recognize yourself To deceive To remove all chance of doubt and be received With your lie ...

Celine Dion - All Because Of You

by Unknown , at 23.07
Thought I could define it One look in your eyes when it proved me wrong I find myself speechless This feeling of completeness is so st...

Calvin Harris - Limits

by Unknown , at 23.06
And it starts with the beat of a drum, far away I took a chance with your mind, I've come to play I get the buzz from your girl, I buz...

Christina Aguilera - All I Wanna Do

by Unknown , at 23.06
(feat Keizo Nakanishi) Both: All I wanna do everyday and night Is love you forever Wanna wrap my arms around you All I wanna do is to ...
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