Jaden Smith - Starry Room

To be honest, my conscious giving me caution
I'm dealing with all this non-sense
To be honest, I'm talking to all my aunts
And they give me bad girl responses

I'ma be honest, they've got trickery in their pockets
And their hearts are Blacker than onyx and girl
Let's just be honest, I feel like I'm Narcotics with you
I feel so erotic, you know I'm a workaholic
If your fingernails are polished you still planning to go to college

Then we should not have to worry,
But you live your life in a hurry
You droppin 'out so it's blurry
We fallin 'down in a Flurry

You serious? you go through these periods
When you hang with these kids it's hilarious eerie
And you call me while you're delirious
And tell me how it's going
And then I start to get furious

You go up in your room, blaze in and light a candle
While I play Bella's lullaby while I cry on the piano
People question if I love her, just know it cuts deeper
Then what bracelets cover them all and that's very true

And this is not another cover,
This is to Uncover all the magic that is happening this summer
And girl you'll always be my lover
But then a time will come when you'll go and find another
But you'll always be my star, ye

Man I remember, back in, I do not even remember how old I was
But, I might've been like 8 I had my first girlfriend
I guess I've been messing up ever since
I do not do it on purpose, so I guess I do not know what this means
I want somebody that can touch my body
Who's loving everybody, but loving nobody but me

And nobody can see what me and her doing on our spare time
That was our time, it is not their time
And I'm just happy 'cause it's over and
I'm not the one to look over my shoulder
Keep on moving forward, if I'm looking back I'm gonna cry

She told me that I'm really just a selfish kind of guy
Well I guess she knows me best
But it did not feel like it was when her hands on my chest
I guess that in Costa Rica and Philly was very selfish of me

Well I'm sorry girl, I'm just chilly
And I feel helpless if that's true Them
Because You know that relationships are very lonely
When you're gone and we were chillin 'until we
Broke up, know what you were there when I woke up
Got emotions that we can soak up, girl I can be your soldier
Girl I promise that, and I'll never take that promise back
If it was not for you I was just condure rap,
Prince Charming may come one day

And girl I'm fine with that, but you'll always be my star
You'll always be my star, you'll always be my star
Girl no matter where you are
Trust me, you'll always be my star, girl you'll always be my star
You know that, you'll always be my, girl you'll always be my star
'Cause this room is really starry
This is me telling every girl I've dated that I'm sorry
Yeah it's really starry
This is me telling every girl I've dated that I'm sorry
Sof girl I'm sorry

This is me telling every girl I've dated that I'm sorry
Kennedy'm sorry
This is me telling all them other girls, I'm just sorry
Man this room is really starry
I'm sorry, girl you know I'm sorry
This room is really starry
Rachel I'm sorry girl

Man this room is just so starry
This room is so starry
Man it's bright outside
But girl, in here it's really starry
Olivia I'm sorry, but this room is uhmm
I'm sorry, I'm sorry girl
But this room is so, I'm sorry
Stella girl I'm sorry

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