Queen Pen - All My Love

featuring Eric Williams

I'm taking you back

I'm taking you back

Here's another one

[Queen Pen]

Uh yeah

I remember being on that nigga's chair hard

Back in the day in the projects

Chasing after him a lil' young chick

Seeing him made me go back in my lab

And write this lil' shit like this

Check it out

Here's how it goes

Used to see you when I went to the store

Always watch you play ball from my bedroom window

The places you frequent, the chicks you freaked with

The spot in the grass where you kept your stash

I used to wonder to myself if you felt my eyes

If you ever noticed me and knew I was alive

I tried to draw your attention, wore dresses to my thighs

With hopes to get close to you

Used to dream about you right before I went to sleep

Used to wake up on the morning hugging the sheets

Used to practice what I'd say for the day that we meet

Used to pray every day for the day that we meet

Used to hang with your sis if she only knew

I only hung with that bitch to get closer to you

Wasn't no limit to the things I would do

To give all my love to you, my God


Can't feel myself

Don't want nobody else to ever love you

You are my shining star, my guiding light, my love fantasy

There's not a minute, hour, day or night

I don't love you

You're at the top of my list

Cuz I'm always thinking of you

(Take it to the bridge)

All my love

(Cuz all my love's to you, my girl)

A thousand kisses from you and it wasn't enough

(Right, I'm taking you back, I'm taking you back, with another one)

I just don't wanna stop

Too much, never too much, never too much, never too much

(Yeah, uh huh, yeah, Queen Pen take it to the Brooklyn Bridge)

[Queen Pen]

Stop being by yourself, now you hung with the crew

I took the bangs out my hair over the summer, I grew

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