Young Gunz - Friday Night

[Young Chris intro]

Uh-huh, Young Gunnas


Young Gunnas (Young Gunnas)

Neef and C


Young, young, young, young, young,

Young, young, young, young, young,

Young, Young Gunnas

Three, two, one

[Chorus - Young Chris]

It was a friday night and the bass was bumpin' (whoa)

The honeys was rockin'

The parties was jumpin' (whoa)

And it wasn't long before everybody knew

[Just Blaze] JUST BLAZE

[Young Chris] was on the beat box

[Just Blaze] Young Gunnas

[Young Chris] the one with the heat rock

Before I hit the club, hit the weed spot

It goes a one (one), two (two), three (three), and

[Verse 1 - Young Chris]

(Ok, young Chris)

Just like King Midas, as I was told

Young C was on the block, thirteen years old

I don't mean to brag, had the meanest bags

To supply to my peeps, I was bringin' hag

Took charge of the block, game ping to ave (uh-huh)

Still bringin' cash on the scene at last

Still gloves and masks, as I proceed

Mad Max, mad hats, mad hollow t's

Your man actin' crazy, roll with the kid

Playa a hell of a pimp

You already know what it is

They don't gotta notice the whips

I don't show 'em the wrist

They already know that I'm Chris

And they know that's the stick

To the script and I last long

Hit 'em and I last long

Can't drive a scale for, send 'em in a cab home

He takin' mad long, get your bags gone

I ain't got a dime for you

Time for me to pass on


[Verse 2 - Young Chris]

(Chris, Chris and Lil' Neefy)

Back in effect

Best mack in the tech (uh-huh)

Show you how to clap or perfect

When they actin' all messed

We from north Philly

Free, Peedi Crakk, and the rest

Max, south side, O and Sparks back on the west

We the leaders of the new school

Hate it 'cause my jewels cool

Get my jewels, crew


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